Nuts: the miracle solution to beat diabetes and cardiovascular disorders

Several scientific studies agree that the walnut reduces the risk of developing diabetes or suffering from cardiovascular disease. Indeed, when eaten regularly, the walnut produces metabolites in the body which have the role of protecting against these diseases. Let's discover together the benefits of nuts.

Nuts are beneficial for good health

Nuts are a great storehouse of polyunsaturated fatty acids. This category of acids is well known for its major role in the development and proper functioning of the body. Note also that the richness of nuts in B vitamins and zinc allow them to stimulate the metabolism of the human body. They are also a means of combating general fatigue. In addition, the results of research carried out on a sample of nearly 2000 people elicit a sigh of relief. In fact, nuts are made up of metabolites that help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by more than 16%. These same nut metabolites when they are present in the body reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by nearly 30%. . It is therefore important for those most at risk of these diseases to eat a diet rich in nuts.

Frequency of nut consumption for better health

It is often advisable to eat a handful of unsalted nuts every day because of their great nutritional value, especially in omega 3. It will be necessary to combine these nuts with olive oil or even walnut oil in order to to boost the beneficial effect of this diet. These tips are aimed much more at people over the age of 50 who are most at risk of diabetes and especially cardiovascular disease.

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