Death of a Filipino following the execution of 300 squats requested by the Police

In the Philippines, a 28-year-old man has died for breaking a curfew imposed by authorities due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The police who intercepted him forced him to exert intense physical effort. Let's go back to the facts through this article.

An unusual death after 300 squats!

Died on April 2, 2021, Darren Manaog Pena Redondo had been punished by the Police to do 300 squats for breaking the law. Indeed, according to his relatives, the young man was going to get a pack of mineral water in a supermarket when he was arrested in his car by the police. The reason is simple: he should be at home by this time observing the lockdown put in place by the state to defeat the coronavirus pandemic. The security forces, in order not to take him to the police station, decided to make him do a hundred squats at first. Then for some reason that cannot be explained, the Police imposed another two hundred squats on him. All of this took place on the evening of April 1, 2021. The following day, the young man after a series of convulsions finally gave up his soul in the hospital.

Opening of an investigation to elucidate this death

The country's executive branch, through its interior minister, has given instructions for an investigation to shed light on the circumstances of the young Filipino's death. Note that last March a non-governmental organization in the country already deplored the inhuman treatment suffered by people who did not respect the confinement. They were either locked in animal cages or exposed to the sun for hours.