Ecuador: Guillermo Lasso finally elected President after two consecutive failures

In Ecuador, presidential elections are traditionally held on February 7 and April 11, respectively for the first and second rounds. Unpopular, outgoing President Lenin Moreno was not a candidate for his succession. At the end of the elections, the conservative Guillermo Lasso is elected President. Let us come back to this ballot.

Political climate before the elections

Elected president of the republic in 2017, the former vice-president of Rafael Correa, opposed him very early on. Indeed, Lenin Moreno's reforms, especially in the justice sector, led to a rupture between the two leaders. Correa, still quite popular, created a movement for social engagement in view of the 2021 elections. Forced into exile for being accused of corruption, he gave his support to the young economist Andres Arauz. At the same time, treated as authoritarian, President Lenin Moréno has seen his popularity drop considerably. He therefore decided not to run for his own succession in 2021. The first round therefore took place between the young economist Andres Arauz, and other independent candidates.

Victory for Guillermo Lasso after two consecutive failures

The first round of the presidential elections was held on February 7, 2021. At the end of this first round, Andres Arauz, supported by former president Rafael Correa, comes far ahead with 32.72% followed by Guillermo Lasso with 19, 74% then Yaku Perez with 19.39% of the vote cast. The second round therefore took place between the first two candidates of the first round. At the end of the second round on April 11, 2021, the conservative candidate Guillermo Lasso comes far ahead with 52.52% of the vote. He therefore ousted his challenger who obtained only 47.48% of the vote. Thus, after two failures in 2013 and 2017 respectively against Rafael Correa and Lenin Moréno, Guillermo Lasso finally emerges victorious.