Few things you should know before traveling to certain places

It's now very common for people to travel around the world. Going from one country to another have been made very easy, thanks to cars, trains, planes and boats. This gives you an opportunity to explore new places and create incredible memories. That been said, before traveling (especially to certain countries) there are few requirements that are to be met. It is generally paper work, but some of those documents you need to provide are of utmost importance and should not be ignored if you wish to have access to the country or countries you're visiting. 

What are the important documents to provide before traveling? 

It is no secret to anyone that traveling moving from a country to another requires some identity check by the authorities. With that in mind, one of the first and also most important document you must provide is your passport. This allows authorities to know exactly who you are and acquire information they need for their database. Another document you should provide is the PLF (passenger locator form). Click here to find out more about PLF. With the COVID 19 being a major health crisis in the whole world, this document has become even more important. It makes contact tracing easier for authorities in case a traveler contracts a disease.

Does every country require those documents? 

These documents are indeed required in most countries, and it's more important in some countries than others. If you wish to travel to Italy for example and stay for at least 48h or longer, you're required to provide a PLF. Sometimes, extra identification documents (such as driver's license, national ID card, birth certificate) might be required in some cases. These documents are useful not only for the authorities, but for you as well, in case you find yourself in a situation that requires you proving your identity.