Having a free Apple Music account without a bank account : is it possible ?

The Apple Music music platform is one of the most popular music platforms around the world today. Several different reasons are at the root of this rather particular craze. However, just like on other online music platforms, you need to have an account on Apple Music before you can enjoy it. The question that many users ask for this is whether it is possible to have a free Apple Music account without using your bank account. You will learn more about it later in this article.

How to go about having an Apple Music account without a bank account if possible ?

If you are wondering if it is possible to have your Apple Music account without a bank account, the answer is yes. To do this, you simply have to find an iTunes gift card with a minimum credit of 10 dollars. The disadvantage with this type of iTunes gift card is that they are not marketed in all countries. 

It is possible to get as much information as possible about the availability of the iTunes Gift Card within your region by contacting Applecare. Note that by opting for an Apple Music account, you will be able to listen to all the latest news. 

Also note that if, for example, you were already registered on another platform like Spotify, you can transfer your playlist at any time to your Apple Music account. Do you want to transfer spotify playlist to apple music ? You can get more informations about it by clicking on the previous link.

Listen to Apple Music : where to go ?

To listen to Apple Music, you can browse the app or go to music.apple.com. Generally, the Apple Music application is already present on Apple devices. And if you deleted it without having, you can simply redownload it by going to the App Store. It is also possible to listen to Apple Music through many streaming devices, game consoles, Smart TV. They are all now compatible with Apple Music and can be easily handled by users.