How to check for information I see on the internet?

Many images and information circulate on the Internet, but how to avoid false information? Which sites, emissions, advice can I have to help me decipher the information I receive? Here's are ways to help you detect the true information.

How can information be transformed?

Today, many information circulates through the Internet and social networks. However, it is very easy to relay information that we think is true as it is not. But how to know? What elements look to help us check or at least get a critical eye on what we see? Here are some tips: Who is the source? What is the profession of who wrote the article? Is it a journalist, for whom does he work (is it a media that supports a party)? Is the source reliable? Some sites are satirical and humorous as the gorafi or the fopular for example. Is the image diverted or retouched? Sometimes it is enough to crop an existing image for it to stick to the article and what is said. But this image was not that of this article at the base. Many images are repeated and modified to make them go with the article that one chooses. To find the source of an image, we can "googlize". Is it the real website? It is today very easy to make a "false site", many scams take place this way. We must always think about verifying that the address of the site is good. Detect rumors: on the Internet and social networks, many rumors, hoaxes, plots, ..., circulate, you can check them on Hoaxbuster.

To check for hateful or complotical information there is what the fake site exists.

The France24 channel has made an article via observers on tips to check the intox. Some emissions and reference sites to help me info or intox emissions from France 24 Dataccase and return to the info: These are documents produced by the INA that highlight lies and propagandands that have appeared in history, or which confront ideas. True or Fake: the Factchecking and Debunking Platform for the audiovisual public. Factual: The AFP website decoders: done by the world. The decodex: created by the world, it is a search engine in which one can type the URL of the site on which the information has been found in order to check its veracity.