The most beautiful destinations in Australia

Australia is a country of the Australian continent. This country has countless resources, geographical, cultural, tourist, natural (a diverse flora and fauna) that make its charm. This country is an ideal destination to spend your vacations and discover the wonders of nature. Discover in this article the most beautiful destinations of Australia.

Sydney: Australia's must-see city

Sydney is Australia's famous port city, a city full of charm and authenticity that has preserved its heritage through time. One cannot talk about Sydney without mentioning the splendid bay of Port Jackson, the historic districts of Darling Harbour and The Rocks up to the Opera House, the golden beaches of Bondy or Manly. A stay in this city also means a visit to the Royal Botanic Gardens, home to thousands of plant species. It's a lively and friendly city. Related Site

Melbourne: Australia's cultural capital

Melbourne is located in the south of Australia. This Australian city is known for its mix of Victorian and contemporary architecture. It is often referred to as the sporting and cultural capital of the country as it is home to many of the country's most important cultural and sporting events and institutions. It has an exceptional gastronomy and is qualified as a fashion city.

Cairns: the tourist city with a lot of charm

Cairns is a tourist city with tropical charm. Geographically located in the north-east of Australia, the city is surrounded by an exceptional relief and a jungle cover of extreme beauty. It is the ideal place to discover the Great Barrier Reef and the coral sea that borders the city only enhances the beauty of the landscape.


Adelaide is an important wine region located in the south of the country, known for its good wines, the most appreciated in the region are those of Barossa Valley. Off the coast of Adelaide is Kangaroo Island, a little piece of paradise. It is a sanctuary where you are free to observe kangaroos, penguins, possums, wallabies, emus, koalas and penguins.

Canberra the capital of Australia

Less known than Sydney and Melbourne, the capital of Australia remains an interesting and beautiful city. It is the city where the history and the ancestral culture of Australia are rooted. This is justified by the presence of the National Gallery of Australia. It is beautiful and gigantic and is composed of 13 art galleries and a large exhibition of aboriginal art. Australia is a beautiful country, you must visit it on your next vacation.