The procedure for obtaining the VisiTax receipt

Do you like the tourism sector? Do you have a particular preference when it comes to finding interesting places to visit? Mexico has some pleasant surprises in store for you. If you want to have a good time, however, you will need to get your hands on a VisiTax. Indeed, VisiTax is a tax that the Mexican government has imposed on the tourism sector. You can get it quickly by following the three simple steps described below.

Fill in the form

Most jobs today require you to fill out some sort of form. Therefore, to obtain a Visitax Cancun, you must fill out a form correctly. In fact, the form is displayed as soon as you arrive on the site. Thus, you must spell your first and last name exactly as they appear on your official identity documents. This form does not only ask for your name. Other factors must also be considered. You need to be able to recognize your passport so they can decide whether or not to let you travel. Also include your age, email address and expected return date for this trip.

Proceed to payment using the secure page

The payment process will begin shortly. Once you complete the form, the website will take you to the payment page. You can choose from several payment methods. The site accepts payment by credit card. Use your PayPal or Payoneer account to your advantage if you have one. Your form submission is double-checked during the checkout step, then you are directed to the final page.

Get a validation code

The validation code is the last piece of the puzzle before sending your VisiTax. After making a payment and verifying that the confirmation email is not in your inbox, the website sends you the validation code. You can root in Mexico using this QR code, also known as a unique QR code.