Top 3 best anti-pollution masks

Wearing anti-pollution masks is one of the best solutions to preserve your health and that of others. Very comfortable, and very practical, these anti-pollution masks have everything you need to be amazed. If you are looking for a mask that you can wear for protection, here are a few from our collection.

One Hexagon Nano Anti-Pollution Mask

Made from anti-perspirant and breathable fabric, this one size fits all black mask offers you comfort when riding your motorbike or scooter. For more information, click on this weblink. It offers an original look and would undoubtedly seduce you. You know what, the look of this anti-pollution mask is unique. No other mask of its kind has its look yet.
The On Hexagon Nano anti-pollution mask is very effective thanks to its thermo control system. It filters out the finest particles of 0.05 PM. As an advantage, this mask is beautiful, comfortable and benefits from advanced technology. It also fits all helmets and is compatible with the P-PUR application.

Light Black Nano Anti-Pollution Mask

Available in black ceramic colour, this one size fits all mask is ideal for bike, motorbike and scooter riding. Designed in France, the anti-pollution mask stands out for its quality and design. Like the One Hexagon Nano pollution mask, Light Black also has the ability to filter out particles that are not seen by the eye thanks to its interchangeable filter.
Its look is sober and offers more safety at night. The mask is well noted and provides maximum comfort for breathing. As advantages, we can say that this mask is reflective at night, comfortable and very light. It also has an interchangeable filter. The only disadvantage is its high price.

Bering anti-pollution mask

If you are looking for a pollution mask that combines quality and price, consider this one. It is black in colour and available in materials such as fabric and neoprene. Like its predecessors, the Bering anti-pollution mask is equipped with filters that can be replaced when they are worn out. With its soft fabric, it can be adapted to all faces and protects the nose well.