What are the criteria for choosing a quality handpan ?

The handpan is a musical instrument that produces a magical sound. The player of this instrument uses his hands to make the tuning to produce the sound of the instrument. If you want to buy this instrument, you have to follow certain criteria in order to choose the right quality. Take a look at our development.

The accuracy regarding the tuning of the notes

The first criterion that makes a handpan a quality instrument is the tuning of the notes. If you want to get a unique and clean sound from the instrument, you need to tune the notes according to the scale of the handpan. In the majority of cases, the handpan is tuned to a frequency of 440 hertz, but there are manufacturers who give other specifications. If you are looking for cheap and quality handpans to enjoy its unique range, find handpan for sale here.

The non-existence of improper interference

Another point that justifies the quality of this music equipment is the isolation of the notes. A true handpan is one that allows you to play a note without it giving interference to other notes in the vicinity. Also, the area between the notes should not make a sound when played. In fact, each note must give a unique sound and also the handpan must have at most 8 to 9 notes. 

But these defects can be used to the advantage of some craftsmen. If the sound is well harmonized and conforms to the cadence, it is not a problem, because it all depends on what you are looking for in the music. The goal is to give a sound that holds the attention.

Other criteria that vary depending on your choices

The handpan is a piece of equipment like any other. So, choosing it comes down to acting on your tastes and needs. For example, there are differences related to the length of the notes which can be long or short. The scale can be major, minor or typed, the pitch of the scale is often high or low. In addition, the sound of the instrument is often ceramic or metallic.