What are the different types of Chatbots?

Chatbots are intelligent robots powered by artificial intelligence to help companies with their digital communication. There are different types of Chatbots. Find out more about the different types of Chatbots in the following lines. 

Chatbots ordered on settings 

There are two types of Chatbots implemented by artificial intelligence professionals. The first is the rule-based one. This type of Chatbot works according to a set of pre-established rules. And these rules depend mostly on the problems for which the Chatbot is edited. And in this case, the bot is used to execute scenarios that are known in advance. For example, it can take care of scheduling customers based on their availability and the company's schedule. This type of chatbot is also very useful to guide on delivery times for an e-commerce site. Anyway, go to this website to have more information about this type of robot.

The Chatbot edited by AI

AI-powered chatbots are also called conventional chatbots. These, unlike rule-based chatbots, combine machine learning with neuro-linguistic programming. Thus, the robot integrates all the details, contexts and parameters of a question before formulating answers. They are controlled by chatbot scripts and provide answers to more complex queries. So the more questions you practice with, the better they will perform. 
In general, conventional Chatbots are interactive conversation bots that are able to understand contexts and formulate relevant answers. They combine predictive intelligence and emotional analysis to understand the emotions of their interlocutor. Finally, they are able to learn from the different reactions of the interlocutors and thus offer more personalized exchanges.Moreover, the Chatbot through its different functionalities acts as an automatic robot programmed very efficient and very fast according to the time. All companies that have implemented Chatbots, each of them functioning as a robot that answers to different questions more complex, are the companies that are the most classified in terms of turnover.