What is the procedure for obtaining a Kbis extract online ?

In order to be recognised in the legal sphere, companies must be registered. Their registration is sanctioned by a certain document called a Kbis extract. This is a document that proves that a company is legally active and therefore has a legal personality. To obtain this document, you can go to a court of law and ask its chief clerk. However, it is also possible to obtain it online. What are the steps to take to obtain a Kbis extract online ? 

Creating a personal account

There are not many steps to take to obtain a Kbis extract for your company online. This makes the procedure very short. So the first thing to do to obtain your Kbis extract or extrait kbis online is to set up a personal account for your company. In fact, the idea of the judicial authorities is to help entrepreneurs with their various obligations, particularly that of registering the company. They have therefore set up an exceptional site that is essentially managed by the commercial court. Since it is the registrars who issue this legal document, they have been entrusted with the management of the distribution. All that is required is that they meet the conditions to receive their card. In addition, it should be noted that the creation of an account on the site in question requires certain personal information and other information related to the company. Most of this information is on the company's articles of association.

Obtaining a Kbis extract

After the creation is regular, you can now obtain an extract of your Kbis. To do this, you only need to enter your login details that you used to create the account. Anyone who enters the wrong password will not be granted access to the site. If all the information is filled in and the login details are deemed correct by the site, you can now apply. At this point, you will fill in an information sheet on which you will be asked to provide your email address. It is to this address that the Kbis extract file for your company will be sent.